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About Us

We are a group of high school students who want to make a meaningful contribution to our community during the current crisis. This camp is not affiliated with any school or outside organization – this is an independent high school student-led camp. All counselors are volunteers.


our instructors



Ryan Rana

Ryan is a junior at Watchung Hills Regional High School and is passionate about Computer Science and Computer Vision. He has completed and earned awards in the Congressional APP Challenge, Repl.It Hacks, and NJRSF. He has published independent research and self-deployed full-stack projects. He is interning at a startup aimed at combing fantasy sports and stock market trading and is an attractive freelance developer. Ryan has thought STEM to young students at Bricks4Kidz and Code Ninjas in the past as well as publishing tutorials on Medium. This is his third year working with SIP and oversees the operations of the organization as President.

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